Local youth earn Black Belts

The Champions In Motion (CIM) Karate Kernersville Dojo promoted two young men to the rank of Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt last semester. Becoming a Black Belt takes years of study, perseverance and determination. Many people decide to “try out” martial arts, but a precious few have the commitment to stay the course and put in the required time and effort to become a Black Belt.
Walter Sellars and Casey Sellers are two of these dedicated people. Walter and Casey began their karate journey six plus years ago as young boys and have become not only excellent martial artists, but fine young men.
“We at CIM are so proud of them and look forward to their journey to 2nd Degree Black Belt,” said Scott Combs, Samdan and instructor of Kernersville’s CIM Dojo. “Mr. Casey is the first autistic student to be promoted to Black Belt in the Champions In Motion Kernersville Dojo,” Combs said. Being autistic and achieving a Black Belt is very inspiring to others and proves that, with drive and commitment, anyone can reach their goals. Mr. Casey has an excellent memory for learning and remembering his creeds, karate combinations, and katas. He also has become very proficient in performing the weapons katas.”
Combs continued.
“Mr. Walter has excellent martial arts techniques, balance, power, and footwork. When Mr. Walter is participating in class as a Sempai (Instructor’s Assistant), he passes on these traits to the other students,” said Combs. “He possesses excellent self-defense techniques as well. I have no doubt in his ability to defend himself if need be. Walter also plays a key role in his brother Casey’s success by helping him practice at home, as well as in the Dojo. He is caring and patient when dealing with the younger students.”
One of the requirements in this Dojo for the Probationary Black Belts is to create their own kata. Walter and Casey Sellars’ created their ‘mirrored’ kata, which was very original and entertaining to watch. They included several difficult techniques and choreography. They performed their kata during their Black Belt test for the panel of Black Belt judges.
Walter and Casey Sellars commitment to becoming Black Belts is no surprise as they are also both Eagle Scouts. The brothers, in addition to their regular training, also attended multiple seminars and tournaments.
“Our new Black Belts deserve the honor they have earned and I could not be prouder of them or more honored to be their instructor,” said Combs. “These two young men have a bright future ahead of them!”

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