Generations of Women United

Pastor Renae Miller is working to help women in the community through Generations of Women United, and is seeking donations through GoFundMe to house resources at a permanent location.
Miller, who lives in Kernersville, said Generations of Women United is run through her church, Power of God in Christ Ministries.
“Generations of Women United was established as a nonprofit last year with the state, but I’ve been doing women’s ministries since 2016,” she said. “I started out by doing clothing giveaways in communities in Winston-Salem and as I did that outreach, the passion and ministry just grew.”
Miller said her passion for helping women in need comes from growing up in public housing with as a young mother, as she shared that she was 16 when she had her child.
“We dealt with domestic violence and had just experienced a lot of things that women I have come into contact with throughout the years of doing outreach have experienced, which prompted Generations of Women United,” she shared.
Miller explained that Generations of Women United is a community of women reaching out.
“We’re on a mission to unmask the faces and unmuzzle the mouths of all generations of women, so the world can see the greater good in all generations of women,” she shared.
Miller said Generations of Women United does not yet have a brick and mortar building.
“We are just a ministry organization without walls, right now,” she said. “That’s where the GoFundMe came from. We’re trying to get a location so we can store and get resources out into the community.”
Right now, Miller said many of the resources are being stored at her church in Winston-Salem or in the basement at her home. She said the resources are for those in need or those who have lost things to fire or flood, or other reasons.
“Right now, I just pick locations throughout Kernersville and Forsyth County for outreach so people can receive what we have,” she said, noting that she hosts an outreach every month.
Miller said because of the size of their vision and the need in the community, she has set the goal for the GoFundMe to $500,000 in order to secure a location.
“Right now at my church, we have a room full of new and gently used clothes that I know the community can use, but because I don’t have the space to be able to set it up, it’s difficult to get it all out to the people who need it in the community,” she said. “We need a building or a location where we can set it up.”
Along with the clothing, Miller said they also have a food pantry at her church and a freezer so they can have meat and other perishable goods to provide to families in need.
“We have resources to assist with utilities to connect people if they don’t have the resources they need,” she said.
Miller added that with her background in property management, she also offers job readiness training, which includes resume writing, application assistance, basic computer training and women’s empowerment workshops.
“We are also going to be setting up a mentoring program to mentor to young women and young mothers,” she said.
Miller said we must start with the root of the problem in order to break the cycle.
“I believe that in order to (break the cycle), you have to get to the source. Everybody comes through the womb of a woman. We all have that in common. If the woman is broken, then when that seed is planted in the womb then it goes on to the next generation,” she said. “Until we come together in unity to partner with other leaders, whether religious or non-religious, and get to the root of some of the issues that some of our women are going through or have faced, the anxiety and fear and drug abuse is going to carry on into the next generation.”
She continued.
“My passion is to partner with other leaders in the community to see what we can do to help another generation to become better mothers to their children,” she said. “Whatever they are lacking and needing, I hope that those that have the resources are willing to step forward and assist the next generations.”
To make a donation to Generations of Women United, visit or go to and search “Generations of Women United.” For more information, visit Miller on Twitter @RenaeDM21, on Facebook at, or email

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