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Trail Sisters Piedmont Triad

Trail Sisters Piedmont Triad

The Trail Sisters Piedmont Triad Group is a local running group that is part of a national Trail Sisters group. This national group is a women’s running trail community that is all inclusive and open to community members.
“The mission of the group is to ‘increase women’s participation and opportunity in trail running and hiking through inspiration, education, and empowerment.’ The Trail Sisters community also welcomes and encourages inclusion from all who identify as women, no matter their pace, size, shape, experience level, whether hiking, running or racing,” said Jennifer Eminger, Trail Sisters Piedmont Triad member and group leader.
There are around 175 regional and local Trail Sister groups throughout the United States. Within North Carolina, there are local groups in areas such as Charlotte, Lake Norman, Raleigh-Durham and Asheville. Many of these groups that are geographically close to one another are even able to host and work together to create meetup events.
“Trail Sisters Founder Gina Lucrezi started the nonprofit organization to ‘constitute for an equitable outdoors both recreationally and throughout the (running) industry. Female voice and representation are essential in the future of our outdoors, impacting the role we play both on and off the trails,’” Eminger said. “(Lucrezi) also started the group to break through the long-standing barriers. The nonprofit generates educational content and resources, while fostering an inspirational community that encourages self-advocacy and life-long friendships.”
Lucrezi began the Trail Sisters group in 2016 and the Trail Sisters Piedmont Triad chapter began a little over two years ago.
“I first started the group as a women’s only Facebook trail running group, but after applying to become a chapter with Trail Sisters, we officially joined the group,” Eminger said. “Anyone can find our chapter on both the Trail Sisters website and on Facebook.”
Many of the groups are located regionally or within cities. The Piedmont Triad group covers a large area, including Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point, and every small town or city in between.
“I started the chapter as a group leader because I wanted to find other like-minded women to run with and many women feel safer running with another person or in a group,” she said. “As women, we have to always be aware of our surroundings when we are alone, whether hiking or running. Being in a group not only allows for safety in numbers, but also allows women to have deep conversations and develop lasting friendships.”
In 2023, Sarah Cronin and Michele Brooks were added to the Piedmont Triad group as leaders.
“Trail Sisters Piedmont Triad, with our new leaders, has really just gotten started. So far this year, we have held about 4-5 events. Our upcoming events include a group run at Hanging Rock on July 15 at 9 a.m. The run is open to both runners and hikers and is a no-drop run, meaning no matter what pace you run, you will not be left behind,” Eminger said. “Depending on if there are different paces in the group, we sometimes will break off into smaller groups, but as leaders, we make sure our members are never left behind. There will be two distances at Hanging Rock, including 5.8 miles and 10.5 miles. Our next event will be held on July 29 at 8:30 a.m. at Bur-Mil Park, running the Owls Roost Palmetto Trail. There will be two distance options – 5 miles or 8 miles.”
There is no cost to join the Trail Sisters or the Piedmont Triad Trail Sisters group. People who are interested in joining can go to and join the Piedmont Triad group as well as join the group Facebook page by searching the group name “Trail Sisters Piedmont Triad.”
“There is no cost to be a member of Trail Sisters or Piedmont Triad Trail Sisters,” she said. “All group runs are free; however, it is required that women sign a waiver and sign in and out. This is only required of Trail Sisters’ official group runs. It is not required of any gathering made on the Facebook page or Trail Sisters website to just go running with a friend.”
The Piedmont Triad Trail Sisters Facebook page has about 315 members and on their website they have about 44 members. Events and runs are posted on both platforms.
“One of my favorite things about the group is just running, the conversations, and learning from the other ladies,” Eminger said. “Sometimes you cry, sometimes you laugh, and you learn that you can do hard things. Hitting the trails not only allows you to see some beautiful and exciting things, but for me, running keeps my mind clear and happy.”
She shared that although they are trying to grow their members on their platform and move more members to their website, there is a lot more activity for some groups on Facebook pages. Not only do they post events but it is a great place to ask questions, find running spots and find a running buddy.
“Another great thing about the group is that if you are traveling and want to go running, all you need to do is look up the local Trail Sisters group in that area and find a running partner(s), who will not only make you feel safe, but also show you where the best running trails are in that area,” Eminger said.
If anyone wants to learn more about the Piedmont Triad Trail Sisters running groups or wants to learn more about running, get into the sport, support other women within the running community or to make some friends, people can find this group on their Facebook page and website,

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