Triad Blessing Boxes

Leave what you can, take what you need. That is the simple rule behind the Triad Blessing Box Project, founded by Colleen Aitken with a goal of helping families in need in the community.
Aitken, who started the Facebook group Triad Blessing Box Project, decided to get involved and start this project after moving to the area from Ohio.
“I moved to Kernersville from Columbus, Ohio in January of 2021 and noticed some of the boxes around, and I wanted to bring more awareness to them,” she said, adding that while living in Ohio, she was very involved with a blessing box project there. “In Ohio, it was a really great way to get children involved because a lot of (organizations) have age restrictions.”
Aitken said the blessing boxes are more well-known in Ohio and she wants that to happen here.
“I was very involved in the homeless community up there,” she said.
Aitken started the Blessing Box Project Facebook page in March 2021. She began getting a map together that currently locates about 20 blessing boxes and free little libraries in the Triad area, including Kernersville, Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, High Point, King and Lewisville. She said the map is growing as more boxes are located.
She noted that in Kernersville alone, there are at least four blessing boxes and several free little libraries.
“The goal of the blessing boxes is to help families in need in the community and encourage children to experience the tenants of volunteering, advocating and stewardship,” she said.
Aitken explained that blessing boxes are public, outdoor cabinets stocked with non-perishable items, basic toiletries and baby items that are anonymously donated and anonymously received.
The blessing boxes in Kernersville are located at the following addresses: 611 Oakhurst St. (First Presbyterian Church), 504 South Main St. (Kernersville Moravian Church), 406 West Mountain St. (Smiles by Design) and 1113 West Mountain St. (Kernersville Family YMCA).
On the map, there are currently four free little libraries listed, located at Smiles By Design, Piney Grove Elementary School, Branchwood Pool and Harmon Park.
“There are more out there, and we would love if people know of the other ones to let me know so I can update them on the map,” she said.
Aitken said the purpose of the blessing boxes is to help families in need in the community.
“If there is a family living paycheck to paycheck or are homeless, this project brings advocacy and awareness to them to help them in their time of need,” she said. “It’s all done anonymously – donated and received.”
Along with donating to already existing blessing boxes and free little libraries, Aitken said anyone is welcome to build one or become a host.
“You just need an outdoor-type cabinet that can withstand weather, and you don’t have to fill it at all times because other people can help out too,” she said. “If you decide to start one, just let me know about the new location.”
Aitken said if anyone would like to donate items to the boxes but doesn’t want to go to a box, they are welcome to drop items off at her home. Call Aitken ahead of time at 614-949-2751. If you have a computer, you can also send a message through the Facebook page and she will receive the notification.
For more information about the Triad Blessing Box Project or to find where the nearest blessing box or little library is located, visit

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