Edward Daniel Rose fell asleep in the arms of Jesus on January 8, 2021.
He was born prematurely on July 21, 1958 to Edward E. and Glenna Rose in Firestone Park, Ak-ron, Ohio. He had open heart surgery at 6 weeks old and the newly developed heart lung ma-chine saved his life. His congenital conditions required further procedures and heart surgeries throughout his adulthood. Being strong minded, loyal hearted and a natural salesman, he gradu-ated from the University of Akron and pursued business until his early retirement from Diamond Tool and Abrasives in Elgin, Illinois in 2016.
The ongoing heart issues caused kidney failure leading to multiple health challenges but his cour-age and strength inspired others who never heard one complaint. Ed never blamed God for his pain and struggling and cherished the life he built with his family. He sacrificed and protected their interests while preparing them for his transition over several years. He was selfless and re-spected greatly for that gift.
Married to Catherine for 32 years, they built their marriage on love, trust, friendship, and deep commitment to one another. Their roots grew deep as they worked together to raise children and become good stewards of the blessings provided to them. Ed’s legacy can be found in the minis-try work that Catherine will continue to grow. Their children Ronnie, Laura and Joshua will re-member his silly humor and teachings about being responsible with money. He will forever be loved by his sisters, Denise Rose and Maureen (Doug) Lapchynski; niece, Autumn (John) Payne; and nephew, Robert Markham. He will forever hold his foster son, William in his heart and will remain a guardian for him from heaven. A special sister-in-law, Kristen Ott will forever be cher-ished.
Ed was generous with his time, playing a gentle and loving Santa for many Christmas parties and events. He loved to help working single mothers, as well as women in need of a calming man in their life. He was an encouragement, loved and appreciated by all. Ed was a founding member of the ministry Within This Woman’s House, in Kernersville NC. His desire and vision for develop-ing a prayer garden and path will evolve as the ministry grows. He had a passion for photog-raphy, music, and watching his wildflower garden blossom. It brought great peace and joy to him in his final time with his family.
In lieu of flowers he asked that any donations be made to this ministry that meets the practical and spiritual needs of women of all ages. If desired, tax-deductible donations can be made to Within This Woman’s House, P.O. Box 1704, Kernersville, NC 27285. To God be the Glory!
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