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“Vegetables and More at the Kernersville Farmers’ Market”
Every Saturday and Wednesday morning, and on Wednesday evenings, local farmers bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the Kernersville Farmers Market, located in downtown Kernersville.
In addition to fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, leaf lettuce, and squash, there are other local offerings at the Farmers Market. Delicious cakes and desserts, by Mama Dee, offer a wide range of treats, from chocolate pound cake, to coconut pie and bread pudding. Locally made handcrafted soaps with scents and ingredients as varied as lemongrass, almond oatmeal, and morning mint are available from Lily Leaf soaps. Local honey, breads, and organically grown vegetables are among the offerings at the Kernersville Farmers Market.
Hot-house tomatoes are currently available, but soon locally grown tomatoes, corn, peas, beans, and other favorites will be available, in accordance with their harvest dates.
New this year, and available on the 3rd Saturday of each summer month, is a special arts and crafts market. The KidsCreate craft market held its first market day this past Saturday, and featured several young vendors with products as varied as windchimes, bracelets, and fidget spinners. The founder of the KidsCreate market is Avary, and the guiding slogan is “Thinking outside the crayon box.” Children with an entrepreneurial spirit are invited to become KidsCreate vendors, and can find out more about the details on Facebook, at www.facebook.com/kidscreatemarket or by email to kidscreatemarket@gmail.com. To participate, interested children need to fill out a vendor application, including listing the products to be offered, and pay a small booth rental fee. The Farmers Market is held every Saturday, and the next dates for KidsCreate market will be July 15 and August 19. The KidsCreate market has been made possible by the support of numerous local business sponsors and the Kernersville Rotary Club.
The Kernersville Farmers Market is located at 134 East Mountain Street, across the parking lot from Kernersville’s town hall, and near the library and Chamber of Commerce. More information about the Kernersville Farmers Market is available at www.kernersvillefarmersmarket.com. The website features photographs from the Farmers Market, and highlights the wide variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables that have been available during past seasons. For those interested in becoming vendors, there is vendor information and contact information. For shoppers, the website has hours of operation, a map, and information about the farmers that are participating in the market this growing season.
So as summer begins, take some time to stop by the Kernersville Farmers Market. Shop for fresh, locally grown foods, local breads and baked goods, and enjoy arts and crafts made by Kernersville youth. There is something for everyone at the Kernersville Farmers’ Market.
Dawn Morgan is the Mayor of Kernersville and writes a weekly column for the News.

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