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“Working Together for a Safer Community”
Next week, many residents in Kernersville are joining with the Kernersville Police Department to celebrate National Night Out in their neighborhood, joining a national effort in recognizing the importance of community members and police officers working together in crime prevention efforts. While National Night Out is recognized one day each year, on the first Tuesday of August, the Kernersville Police Department works hard to prevent crime throughout the year.
One of the ways our community fights crime is by citizens stepping up and reporting suspicious activity, and Kernersville residents are encouraged to call the police department if they notice anything of concern. Citizens are the eyes and ears of the police department and alert citizens can help prevent crime and keep our community safe.
Neighborhood Watch programs are strong in Kernersville, and the Kernersville Police Department works with citizens who do not currently have a neighborhood watch program and would like to establish the program in their neighborhood. The Kernersville Police Department will also help residents who have an interest in organizing an Apartment Watch program. Officer Jones, the crime prevention coordinator, works directly with citizens on these and other crime prevention efforts. Officer Jones can be reached at 336-996-2294 or by email at crimeprevention@toknc.com.
Throughout the year, at community events like Spring Folly, Earth Day, and the Honeybee Festival, the police department reaches out to the community. Postings on the official Town of Kernersville FaceBook page, including press releases about crimes and upcoming safety programs encourages the community to connect with the police department.
Efforts to fight crime and enhance public safety include working cooperatively with other law enforcement agencies, including coordinated efforts between local law enforcement agencies to address DWI accidents in Forsyth County. Since 2010, Kernersville has participated in the DWI taskforce, a targeted enforcement effort that has been very successful in reducing the number of alcohol and drug related injuries and fatalities on our streets and highways, and which has become a model for law enforcement efforts in our state. In the past six months, participation by Kernersville officers in the Forsyth County DWI task force resulted in numerous DWI related arrests.
Another important effort is the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. A cooperative effort of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and the Kernersville Police Department, the SRO program allows law enforcement to be involved in our schools. Officers get to know the students, and the students know and trust the officers. Building these relationships provides a positive role model for students. The partnership between the school and law enforcement also helps deter crime, and can be important in investigating crime.
Throughout the year, working cooperatively with other enforcement agencies, the school system, and our citizens, the Kernersville Police Department continues to be proactive in enhancing public safety, and keeping Kernersville a great place to live, work, and raise a family.
Dawn Morgan is the Mayor of Kernersville and writes a weekly column for the News.

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