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“Celebrating Efforts to Beautify Kernersville”
Kernersville’s appearance is important. Realtors call it “curb appeal,” or that special something that leads buyers to make a home their own. Mothers encourage their children on the first day of school to “put their best foot forward,” and job applicants seek to have a neat appearance and confident manner to land the job. In the same way, Kernersville has made efforts to continue improving its image and appearance.
One way Kernersville continues to work on its image is through the efforts of citizen members of the Kernersville Community Appearance Commission. Established in 1985, the Kernersville Community Appearance Commission was the first of its kind in Forsyth County. Members are appointed by the Kernersville Board of Aldermen, and are charged with the mission to promote, enhance, and improve the residential and commercial environment in Kernersville.
The Commission promotes the beautification of Kernersville throughout the year, and over the years has developed an anti-litter campaign, coordinated volunteer efforts to beautify our community, and has worked with the business community to improve appearances.
The Kernersville Community Appearance Commission has worked with the town on the design and landscaping of signs, including the welcome sign at Union Cross and Shields roads.
A recent successful effort of the Kernersville Community Appearance Commission was the Fourth of July beautification effort. The Commission decorated our community with patriotic banners on Main and Mountain streets in the historic downtown area, and at the courtyard at town hall. These efforts showed the patriotic spirit of our town, and the decorations at town hall helped build excitement about the Independence Day holiday for children participating in the Miss Mary’s Parade.
Along with the Fourth of July banners, the Kernersville Community Appearance Commission and the Chamber of Commerce worked together on a star spangled decorating contest for the business community. Storefronts and front doors were decorated by local business and could participate in a contest. The winners, Amanzi Marble & Granite, Tiquers Alley, Pawlee’s, and S&R Motors were announced by guest judge, Lanie Pope, of WXII News. Twenty-two local businesses entered the contest and additional businesses decorated even though they did not enter the contest.
Other seasonal decorations, including the silhouettes of snowmen and ice skaters, wreaths hanging downtown, and blinkie lights, have been coordinated by the Kernersville Community Appearance Commission. Many of these decorations have been made possible by fundraising efforts of the Commission.
During the month of July, as we enjoy the patriotic banners and holiday décor, and throughout the year, we can celebrate the efforts that have continued to make Kernersville a beautiful community and a great place to live.
Dawn Morgan is the Mayor of Kernersville and writes a weekly column for the News.

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