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Good and Bad Traits of Me

Good and Bad Traits of Me

My birthday was last Thursday, January 21st. Numerically speaking, here’s how things lined up that night at 9:21:21: it was the 21st second, the 21st minute, the 21st hour, the 21st day, the 21st year of the 21st century. How about that? My daughter sent this to me earlier that day. She called me at 9:22 to make sure I survived this phenomenon. I said yes, but that I did experience some discomfort, precisely at 9:21. I told her it was probably just gas.
A meteorologist somehow figured out this occurrence and put it online. I guess this guy had too much time on his hands. Too bad he and other meteorologists can’t spend more time accurately predicting the weather. My grandfather was more accurate just by referring to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Not only does it predict the weather, it tells you when to plant what, according to astrological signs. Or when (or when not) to have a medical procedure performed.
If the sign is in the head and face (Aries, March 20 through April 20), don’t have any dental work done, my mother would say. “You’ll bleed for days!” If the Water Bearer Aquarius, which is my sign, is in the legs, (January 20 through February 18) don’t have anything done to your legs, she would say; “or you may never walk again.”
I do find horoscopes, in general, to be uncannily accurate, especially my noteworthy qualities: leadership skills, truthful, sincere, earnest, humane, cooperative, unbiased, creative, inventive, philosophical, considerate and progressive.
Less accurate are my undesirable personality traits: gullible (not true, I haven’t fallen for a scam in weeks), extremist (to what extreme?), inconsistent (yes, consistently), detached (from what?), cold (yes, more than I used to be; especially my hands and feet), unpredictable (Yes. I do keep people off guard), stubborn (but not as stubborn as a mule) and aloof. I probably do appear aloof at times, especially when I’m in the grocery store, wondering why I’m in the bakery when the next thing on my list is asparagus. Or when I seem detached at the check-out aisle, wondering where I parked my car.
My most compatible signs are Gemini and Libra (my ex-wife is a Libra). The symbol of Aquarius is a man emptying /carrying a water pot/The Water Bearer. Isn’t that ironic. Just last week this “water bearer” was carrying a measuring cup of water back and forth from the faucet to the Whirlpool, 32 times: four gallons worth to flush out the stupid water filter.
Gullible me!
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