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Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year

At the Town of Kernersville Employee of the Year Awards Banquet on March 2, Kernersville Police Department Detective Dave Mundy was awarded the Kernersville 2022 Employee of the Year Award.
“This employee has worked hard; he has worked very hard throughout their career to advance as well as establish a solid track record of selfless service to the community,” Town Manager Curtis Swisher said before presenting the award. “Throughout the years, this nominee has dedicated countless hours to serve and improve services resulting in the greater quality of life for Kernersville residents and patrons alike.”
Mundy’s compassion, empathetic attitude and the need to consistently deliver high quality service to the community is why he was bestowed this award. Not only that, but he is a team player and is always willing to help others no matter the cost, Swisher said.
“They ensure the safety and well being of the public as their highest priority,” he said. “During the year they have consistently been tasked a new technology to assist in job related functions to enhance operational readiness of the organization. They display a teamwork style attitude. They are always willing to help others and express to others about the importance of being a team player. And everything is done with hard work and compassion. This nominee consistently drives for self-improvement and makes a positive difference in the workplace. As a team member they serve with compassion and empathy. More importantly, it is the consistency and dedication this person displays and the performance of their day-to-day job along with forward thinking ideas that have earned them this nomination.”
In Swisher’s speech, he explained that two words were uttered from Mundy that helped start and improve services in the community. Those two words were, “What if.”
“Soon this idea was a proven collaborative effort. The entire county joined seven organizations together in a unified effort to solve a common problem,” Swisher said. “The sole critic for this program rests on this employee and their pursuit of a ‘what if.’ This nominee credits everyone involved, shying away from individuality, and spotlighting all that touched this product to enhance and improve the quality of life for the citizens for Forsyth County.
“As a process, from an idea to reality materialized in 2022 this employee was given the freedom to pursue the necessary means to create and introduce this project that first responders across Forsyth County can use to improve quality of life for individuals and families alike. Out of this, the program Forsyth Cares was started. This forward thinking has served this employee well throughout the years, earning them a positive reputation sought out by others and problem solvers in the organization.”
Mundy has worked for the Town of Kernersville for 15 years and is currently working in the Criminal Investigations Department. He has worked in various departments, including patrol, K-9 and narcotics.
“I didn’t really expect (the award), that’s not why I’ve tried so hard at my job. It’s not for the awards,” Mundy said. “I was a little taken back. It is a big honor. I almost feel like I have to work harder to hold myself accountable to be on that list. It’s not a super long one. It’s a good town to work for and always has been.”
One big project that Mundy has been working on and was an influential factor to his nomination was his work on the Forsyth Cares project for two years. This project is similar to Ident-A-Kid but with the sole purpose to be used for everyone, no matter what age.
The project became live in December 2022 and is used to help access more information about you and your loved ones. The digital version geotags a point at a person’s house and creates a dashboard with five emergency contacts, medication history, personal descriptors and current photo. This information would be used in case of an emergency and all Forsyth County emergency responders have access to this information if people have signed up for it.
All information stays up-to-date by automatically making individuals resubmit information every two years to ensure everything is current. The only requirement to be eligible for this program is to be a Forsyth County resident or be within a close enough area that Forsyth County first responders go into for calls.
For more information about the Forsyth Cares program, go to
Mundy was also awarded with a $300 check and five vacation days along with his Employee of the Year Award.
The four other finalists for this award were Rebekah East, Jimmy Moore, Michelle Nelson and Dempsey Shelton, who each received one vacation day.

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