Behind the Hedge

There is so much more “Behind the Hedge” than first meets the eye. Riding down West Mountain Street in Kernersville, there is an old warehouse with a big water tower in its shadow. If you look directly across from the warehouse, you will see a gate and a sign heralding an adventure you should go on.
“Behind the Hedge” is located at 2432 West Mountain Street. Sal Schiappa is an expert birdhouse crafter with the most unique designs. The onlooker can just imagine drinking some of Alice in Wonderland’s potion which reads “shrink me” and entering the wonders of the living area of one of our feathered friends. No attention to detail is spared. The intricacies of Sal’s work are something out of the mind of an ingenious and creative man. All his wood is natural and rubbed down with linseed oil and left with a natural curb appeal.
For more, see the Thursday, April 21, 2022 edition.

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