“The Voice”

With the ambition to pursue a career in vocal performance and the music business, Joy Cone competed to appear on the famous singing show “The Voice” in January.
Joy, a sophomore at Walkertown High School, explained that this isn’t the first time she has tried out for “The Voice,” but this is the first time she has made it as far as performing in front of the producers.
“They invited me back each year for the past three years to do a private audition,” she said.
This year, Joy explained that she did a blind audition through “The Voice” Instablinds on Instagram about three weeks ago, though the auditions have been going on since December.
“Over 2,000 people saw it and voted for me, and 200 people commented on it,” she said, noting that thousands of people from all over the country auditioned for the show. “They chose six people to do an Instagram story, where they have to go head-to-head in a competition.”
Joy explained that those six people are paired up and the top three contestants, one from each pair, had the chance to perform live in Miami, and for a chance to sing in front of the producers as well.
“Friends and family voted on the best from each pair,” she said. “In the end, they let all three of us sing in front of the producers, and they gave each of us a red card to be able to get to the front of the line.”
In order to get to Miami, Joy raised funds on GoFundMe and received a lot of donations from her family and friends, as well as the community.
Joy’s mom, Alicia, explained that each year, despite the judges liking her voice, she is turned away.
“She did really well in front of the producers but they want her to work on a few things,” Alicia said.
Joy noted that the experience wasn’t as stressful as she thought it would be.
“The judges were super sweet and they thought I sounded great. They loved my first song, ‘Still Rolling Stones,’ by Lauren Daigle, and then I sang ‘Real Love’ by Blanca. They are both Christian songs. I’m not sure if that was what they were looking for, but I want to be true to how I want to be as an artist and be true to my faith,” she shared. “They said they thought my pitch was a little high in ‘Real Love,’ but that’s how it is. I probably should have chosen a song they had heard before.”
Another obstacle Joy said she has been told is keeping her from moving forward is her backstory. With many of the contestants who make it on the show, they often have obstacles they have faced that Joy said she just hasn’t had to face, such as battling cancer or struggling to survive.
“They want to see if you have a backstory, but I don’t really have one. I’m blessed,” she said. “One of the things they said to us was that I’m almost too pure and don’t have a good backstory for show business, but I’m proud to be from a good, wholesome family and to be pure.”
Joy said her personal backstory is that she is the only girl out of three very athletic boys, Drew, Madison, and Jalen, in the family.
“Growing up, people didn’t really know that my brothers really had a little sister,” she said.
Despite being one step from appearing on the show, Joy said she is glad she had the chance to get as far as she did, and plans to continue trying out for various competitions.
“It’s helped to show me the other side of the music industry,” she said. “I had such a wonderful experience and everyone was so loving, and it was awesome that my hometown was so supportive and shared so much love.”
Like her brothers, Joy plays basketball and uses both her sport and singing as her outlets. At school, she is the vice president of SGA, plays varsity basketball, and is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Outside of school, she has also played AAU basketball for the past two years.
Along with trying out for “The Voice,” Joy has performed during the National Youth Talent Showcase at the National Black Theatre Festival twice, has sung the National Anthem at Dash games, and was invited to sing the National Anthem at the University of Delaware.
Joy added that she has been singing since she was two-years-old and performs in choir through school. She also takes voice lessons, sings at church every week, and has performed in talent shows at various camps she has attended.
Joy noted that she posts singing videos on her YouTube channel, “AliciaJoySings.”

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