Juicy May Fankhauser
April 17, 2007-July 1, 2019

Juicy May Fankhauser was released to peace on July 1st, 2019. Cancer may have overtaken her body but courage triumphed within her spirit.
The twelve-year-old Cairn Terrier was a support dog to her owner. Juicy enjoyed taking walks at the Fourth of July Park and chasing the squirrels. She encouraged her almost 92-year-old papaw to daily join her along with her mom. She liked having a schedule and excitingly drank from the doggie water fountain as she later relaxed in the playground tire swing. She would make her round back over the water creek bridge but not before stopping to hear her owner play the xylophone.
Juicy sought joy in riding in a convertible with the top ejected. She would feel the fresh air against her face and smile as she glanced over to her owner with such intense love. Juicy was a rare breed with personality. She liked ice cubes in her water. She found favor in rewarding treats. She loved to eat! She loved to eat! She loved to eat and her weight showed it!
Juicy was a creature of obedience. She was a smart pet who related with hand or voice commands to sit, beg, give paw, lie down, roll or even head to the couch for cuddle time. Juicy was a protective dog and was in full command when she hears a loud truck or knock at the door. Juicy is a loving pet and her presence brought peace and comfort. Juicy was a jumper. Her small paws could span the height of over 2-3 feet high. She was a fast runner and desired to chase anything that was moving or loud.
Juicy enjoyed naps and found comfort as long as she was intertwined in pillows, blankets or papers on the floor. Christmas was a favorite time of the year for Juicy and she longed to be in the center of it all. In the middle of the Christmas wreath or under the Christmas tree, she was full of surprises to gain attention. One of Juicy’s favorite places to lie was under the pillows in her sisters’ bed. Juicy was a joyful pet. Rarely would she be out in a store where she didn’t draw attention for others to ask to pet her or comment on how beautiful her face was. Over the past year, Juicy drew a fond liking to her neighbors and would sit on the porch each morning waiting and listening for the garage doors to open. Her tail would wag as she quickly ran to greet them in excitement. Juicy liked to play with her squeaky toys and tossed her pillow to and fro for attention when she felt she was being overshadowed. She rested peacefully at night along the side of her dad’s chest or in the crevasse of her mom’s legs.
Juicy was a gentle dog and her kisses were soft with a black birthmark on her tongue only designed to her by God. Juicy was deeply loved and loved in return. She was a nurturing pet and faithful. She liked to please and be praised. Juicy was a beautiful dog. Her blonde soft coat of hair and soft touched perky ears demanded the attention. Her oversized wide eyes could melt your heart. Juicy was an emotional support dog to her owner when an infection took hold requiring hours of treatment. Her impact on life will forever be a place of unconditional remembrance.
Juicy showed us how to love just in a way we thought never possible. She helped us cope when kids were in college. She brought us love morning and night. She showed compassion with tenderness when body pain aroused our life. She kept us exercising and maintaining a healthy balance in life. Juicy tenderized our souls by unselfishly fighting for life until her mom and dad were ready to release her from pain. Just as God created each one of us with our own unique prints in life, Juicy’s paws are forever embedded in our hearts and will be remembered always. Juicy barked with a larger than life kind of love.
She truly became a best friend and a family member of our home. A beloved pet holds a special meaning to each of us as we look around the room there are treasured memories that are forever loved and never forgotten. For those pet owners who share the loneliness when a pet is released from your life, the understanding of emotions and the hollow void is authentic. In the end of life’s journey, it was all about Juicy’s comfort and not about our loss. Her remarkable sense of strength allowed us to treasure her final moments in peace, love and tenderness. Our way to return the love received is to allow her to go and release her pain and suffer no more.
An intimate grave memorial was set for July 2nd, where Juicy will be laid at rest under a pergola surrounded by flowers, precious memories and undying love.
Thank you for blessing our home Juicy May. Your life made ours a greater version.

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