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February 28, 2019

Chocolate covered egg lovers take note. Volunteers with First Presbyterian Church’s Easter Egg Ministry are back at work shaping and dipping the decadently delicious peanut butter and coconut confections. They’ve probably already made several thousand, with more to come over the next several weeks.
This is the 29th year that First Presbyterian has held its chocolate covered peanut butter and coconut Easter egg fundraiser, an event that raises tens of thousands of dollars annually not only for the church itself, but a number of charities and programs the church supports.
Last year, volunteers who meet weekly in the church fellowship hall to hand mix, shape and dip either peanut butter or coconut filling shaped like Easter eggs into crockpots of heated chocolate, produced approximately 74,000 individual eggs. The group works for seven weeks leading up to Palm Sunday, mixing, molding, dipping and wrapping the confections. They are then sold on site, either through advance orders or walk-ins, or dispersed for sale at various businesses and organizations throughout town.
Not only are the eggs popular to consume, but they’re popular to make, as well. That’s evident in the number of volunteers from outside the First Presbyterian Church community who seek to help with the production of the eggs.
According to church member Ellen Watts, who handles sales of the chocolate-covered eggs for the ministry, volunteers come from all over the area to help make the chocolate eggs.
“The volunteers come from all over the Triad. They’re from many different faiths and many different communities,” Watts said.
On Tuesday, Kernersville Library Children’s Librarian Stephanie Kellum was there helping for a second year in a row because of the support the library’s children’s program gets from the ministry.
“They help us, so I want to help them,” Kellum said.
The church began its Easter Egg Ministry as a way to pay off a $250,000 mortgage on its new fellowship hall. The church looked at a number of avenues on how it could raise the money needed, but there’s only so much money to be made from bake sales featuring cakes and cookies.
Church member Donna Myers was determined to find a solution. She asked her husband’s boss if he had any ideas on fundraising projects. A few weeks later, he sent Myers an article about an Easter egg project at a church in Pennsylvania where church members were producing 214,000 eggs each year and selling them for 45 cents each.
Myers called the church and asked about the egg project. The church not only agreed to send Myers information about the eggs, but the recipe as well. They just had one condition: that First Presbyterian Church never reveal the recipe. To this day, that recipe is a closely guarded secret.
The first year the church produced the chocolate covered eggs, they raised $3,000. By 1999, they had raised $114,000 to help retire the church’s mortgage early. In 2015, First Presbyterian celebrated the silver anniversary of its Easter Egg Ministry by producing a limited edition of coconut eggs hand-dipped in dark chocolate.
This year, the church is adding a peanut butter egg dipped in dark chocolate to go along with the dark chocolate coconut egg that still remains from the celebratory silver anniversary milestone. Those will not be available for purchase until March 15, Watts said.
Watts said the church does receive requests for mail orders. She said a woman recently called from Florida asking if an order could be shipped to her. Turns out, the woman used to receive the eggs in the mail each year, sent to her by a family member. With that connection no longer available, she called the church directly.
“We don’t ship orders,” Watts had to tell her.
Last year, the Easter Egg Ministry provided support to the following organizations and programs: Kernersville Police Department’s Camp for Kids, Kernersville Fire Rescue Department’s Safety Seat Program, Crisis Control Ministry, Next Step Ministries, gift cards for local student needs, Kernersville Library for children’s books, Kernersville Police Department’s Christmas Shop with a Cop program, and First Tee of the Triad.
In addition, the Egg Ministry provides support for First Presbyterian’s scholarship fund and youth mission activities.
Chocolate covered peanut butter and coconut eggs can be ordered by calling the Easter Egg Ministry phone number at 336-515-4999 or by ordering through the church’s website at
Eggs are $1 each. The church does not mail or ship orders. All orders must be picked up at First Presbyterian Church, located at 611 Oakhurst Street. Eggs may be picked up Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 4 p.m. Wednesday pick up hours are 1:30 to 4 p.m.
All orders must be picked up by April 11. Those who order by phone or online must allow 24-hours for an order to be filled. First Presbyterian Church is located at 611 Oakhurst Street.

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