Complete loss

March 29, 2019

A house broke out into flames on Saturday afternoon on Horse Creek Run, causing the Nance family to lose all of their possessions, as well as their family cat. To help the family, a GoFundMe account has been set up. The GoFundMe page is titled “Home fire relief for Nance family.”
Yves Plamondon, who set up the GoFundMe page, said he has been a neighbor of the Nance family for 23 years. He noted that the family has lived in their home for over 25 years and Melody Nance has been the treasurer for the neighborhood’s homeowners’ association for 25 years.
Plamondon said that while the origin of the fire has not yet been determined, he said Steve Nance speculated that he thought there was a gas leak from a car that he was working on in his garage or a lawn mower.
“That’s just speculation right now, we really don’t know at this point,” he said.
In a video published about the house fire, Fox8 News explained that the fire began at 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon and only took 16 minutes to consume the home, taking with it a riding lawnmower and a vintage car before going into the attic.
Plamondon told news crews that Steve was able to get his wife, daughter, and three dogs out of the house, but was unable to get any valuables or the family cat.
According to Fox8, within 11 minutes from the time that the fire began, 10 different agencies were on the scene “beginning a massive assault to fight the fire. The Nance family watched helplessly in the front yard as the house they had made a home for more than 20 years turned to ash.”
“They are one street over and my living room faces their house. I had just turned on the TV from working outside to watch golf on Saturday and heard the ruckus from firefighters. I looked up and saw the smoke filling the neighborhood. That was right at 3 p.m.,” Plamondon said. “A lot of the neighbors came to my driveway to see the vantage point.”
Plamondon said he went over the following day to see what he could do for them.
Following the fire, Plamondon said the family was staying in a hotel for a few days and have now moved to an Extended Stay hotel while they are looking for a more permanent place to stay.
“There’s nothing left – no roof. It burned down to the brick walls,” he said. “All they have are the clothes on their backs, Nancy’s cell phone and, on Sunday, firefighters were able to retrieve (Steve’s) wallet and cell phone. Other than that, they’ve gotten some clothes from neighbors and, right now, I have been collecting personal items and toiletries and those types of things.”
Plamondon added that the family is starting from scratch.
“I know they have insurance, but they have immediate needs. They need clothing and toiletries – things we take for granted,” he shared. “I know they are overwhelmed with things to do and don’t have anything specific, and all of the memories of their children and other memories they have lost. Those are things they cannot replace.”
Plamondon said he set the GoFundMe goal to $5,000 but said he would be happy to see more.
“I was just thinking of giving them a head start right now,” he said. “I’ve already made one withdrawal from the first day to give them this week and people have dropped cash donations, as well. I’ll be seeing them late Friday, so if anyone has anything, they are welcome to drop it off,” he said.
Plamondon continued.
“We’ve had a tremendous response from our neighbors and on the Nextdoor App. People are responding and most everyone in our neighborhood knew them. It’s sobering. I came home that afternoon and the first thing I did was check my smoke alarms and took inventory of everything I own.”
For more information or to make a donation, visit the GoFundMe page,

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