Celebrating 90 years

Daisy McNeill Jordan will be celebrating a major milestone with family next Friday as she turns 90 years old.
Daisy was born on May 22, 1930 in Biscoe, NC as the youngest of two brothers and four sisters. She shared that her mother was a homemaker and her father had a “traveling” sawmill.
As a kid, for fun, Daisy said they played horseshoes, croquet, dodgeball and family games. They also went to the movies a lot. She recalled being able to attend a movie for a mere 20 cents and getting popcorn and a drink for an additional 20 cents. Since they didn’t have a TV until later, Daisy recalled having a radio as their main form of technological entertainment in the home.
“I remember Dad always liked to listen to Amos ‘n’ Andy because there was some humor to it,” she said.
While they did have a small garden, they used for fresh produce, Daisy said they would get other staple items from Ewing, a local grocery store.
Daisy was active in school, which she walked to only three blocks from her house. She noted that all grades were in one school, Biscoe School, where she graduated from with only 13 in her class. At school, she played basketball all four years and was a member of the Glee Club. She noted that during that time, girls wore mostly dresses, not slacks, to school.
When they weren’t in school, Daisy said she enjoyed roller skating.
“We roller skated on the road. There were no cars on the highway, so we had a straight stretch for miles,” she said. “We all went to (ball) games and I have two or three friends. There weren’t many other girls in our class. Our class was mostly boys.”
Daisy said she also had a job while in high school as the manager of a dime store in town, which afforded her a little bit of spending money.
While her senior class was made up of mostly boys, Daisy said she actually met her husband, the late Perry Jordan, from Candor School, which was about 10 miles away.
“I met him when our teams were playing basketball. He would go to the games,” she said.
Daisy’s daughter, Lynn Jordan Kelly, recalled her father telling her that her mother always had to have a hamburger with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise and an orange drink when they went out on a date.
The Jordan’s were married on November 4, 1952, while Perry was serving in the military.
“He was drafted into the US Army and was stationed in Germany,” she said.
While stateside, stationed in Virginia, Daisy said she and some of her friends used to drive onto the base, hide Perry in the truck and sneak him off base on the weekends.
“We would kidnap him because they weren’t allowed to go off base,” she laughed.
In 1954, Daisy and Perry had their first daughter, Lynn. Six years later, they had their second daughter, the late Leigh Jordan McPherson. Daisy now has four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Daisy and her family lived on the coast in Virginia for a few years, so for vacations, they often went to the mountains, and particularly enjoyed visiting Cherokee, as well as family in Montgomery County.
One big trip Daisy recalled was a cross-country trip from their home on the East Coast to California, where they stayed with Perry’s brother, Bobby, for two weeks. On their way to California, she said they took their time and stopped to see things on the way, but traveled on through on their way back home
“That was a fun family trip,” she remarked.
Over the years, Daisy said she enjoyed other vacations, including a trip to Las Vegas and a cruise with Leigh and her family, adding that the cruise was the best vacation she ever went on.
Daisy and her husband moved to Kernersville in 1969.
While Daisy’s girls were in elementary school, she went back to school for early childhood development and started working in local childcare centers, including First Baptist Church and Edgewood Daycare. She also worked as a manager at a gift shop and later she and Perry bought the gift shop at the Four Seasons hotel in Greensboro.
After Perry passed away in 1998, Daisy began helping Lynn in the school system.
One historical memory that Daisy recalls is the launching of the USS Enterprise in 1961, where she saw numerous celebrities and Jackie Kennedy.
“When we had the gift shop, there were a lot of celebrities that would come in there that were staying in the hotel, too,” she shared.
Since living in Kernersville, Daisy has been an active member of First Baptist Church and is part of the Dorcas Sunday School Class, and the Be Friendly Group, which meets once a month.
In her free time, she also enjoys playing cards and Scrabble, and spending time with Lynn and her dog, Jordy.
Of her best memories from life, Daisy said her best ones have been being loved by her family and going places with them.
When asked what she attributes to her long life, Daisy said, “Lots of love.”

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