Birthday donation

March 11, 2019

Ahnali Noah, a student from The North Carolina Leadership Academy (NCLA), chose to make her birthday more special this year by collecting donations to help Crisis Control Ministry (CCM).
During her birthday party, which was an ice-skating party at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds on January 21, Noah invited 26 friends and instead of asking for gifts, she asked them all to bring a non-perishable food item.
This isn’t the first time Noah has collected items for CCM on her birthday. She also collected food two years ago and decided she wanted to make it an annual tradition.
“I decided to do it again because I really want to help people who don’t have food,” she said. “One of my favorite parts is getting to go and help unload the food at Crisis Control.”
When dropping off the food this year, Noah brought along her best friend, Caroline Linville, and the two were given a tour of CCM.
Noah said she likes collecting donations on her birthday because she is not only able to help others, but is also able to teach her friends about giving.
“I think they liked it, too, because they got to carry all the food and put it in boxes,” she explained.
Noah noted that she and her friends collected a total of 148 non-perishable food items.
“It’s special to collect all that food, and I am thankful that my friends donated it,” she said. “It makes me feel happy and joyful because I know when I collect all that food that all the people that are hungry will have what they need.”
Noah is a student in Ms. Teves’ third grade class. Noah noted that she dances with Acro through Dancers Edge, and she has been a model with the Carolina Wedding Show for the past three years.
Noah added that her favorite subject in school is math and when she grows up, she hopes to be either a model or a chef.

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