A Rising Star

July 5, 2018

Young actor Braxton Alexander from Oak Ridge enjoyed being featured in his first comedy, Tag, now playing in theatres.
Known as Braxton DeFosse by his friends, Braxton began his acting career at the age of six. Now 11, he has been featured in a number of films. In 2016 he was featured in JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery, where he plays the role of Burke Ramsey, and The Dear Hunter – Gloria where he plays the role as a child hunter. In 2017, he was featured in Mr. Mercedes as young Brady Hartsfield and this year, he was featured in Tag, where he plays the role of nine-year-old Bob Callahan.
Braxton’s father, Michael DeFosse, said Braxton is also featured in some independent films, including Cotton Tail, Compulsion, and The Valley, and is playing the lead in a film that will be released sometime in July, called Pastime.
Michael explained that in Pastime, Braxton plays the role of a Little League Baseball player who travels through the journey of his own death.
“My wife, Kathryn, who is also an actress, plays his mom in that film. It’s a really funny show with a star ensemble cast,” Michael said.
Michael explained that Braxton’s management firm is Bohemia Group, a worldwide firm headquartered in Los Angeles, and his agency is Marilyn’s Agency in Greensboro. Michael has been in the business for 19 years as an agent and producer.
Although Braxton attended public school at Oak Ridge Elementary School, with his work schedule getting heavier, he is now being homeschooled by his mom using Classical Conversations and taking classes through Duke TIP at Duke University, which is a gifted program.
“It’s going really well and gives him the opportunity to do what he loves,” Michael said.
With having a busy schedule and often on the road traveling to different sets around the country, Braxton has also had to put a hold on participating in sporting activities.
“He loves baseball and played soccer and basketball every season up until last season,” Michael said.
Although his acting career has taken off, Michael said he and Kathryn originally didn’t want him to be an actor; however, when Braxton was six years old, they put him in acting lessons to grow his confidence, to think on his feet, and to look at people when they are talking to him.
“We didn’t think that he would audition, but when he was eight-years-old, he came home and asked why he wasn’t auditioning,” he said.
Michael explained that from there, Braxton continued training and started auditioning.
Braxton explained that what he enjoys most about acting is telling stories.
“I like telling stories and fulfilling characters that I would not be able to in real life. I also like exploring my emotions, figuring out what triggers everything and working with people around the world,” he said.
Of all the places Braxton has traveled to during his acting career, he said Malibu was his favorite.
“It’s a really beautiful place,” he remarked.
Braxton noted that he has worked jobs in in NC, Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles and others.
“He’s been in Los Angeles for two out of the last six weeks, and he’s up for some really great roles there right now,” Michael added.
When Braxton does travel for work, Michael said the family often goes with him, especially Kathryn.
“It’s something they love to do together and be on set together. Sometimes I travel with them, but I don’t usually go to set with them,” he said.
Of all the films that he has been in, Braxton said his favorite has been Tag.
“It was really cool, and I met some amazing actors and some great people,” he said. “It was very funny and I had my first kiss on a big budget movie screen. That was an experience that I will never forget.”
Although he enjoyed playing in the comedy, Braxton said he seems to generally lean toward dark and drama films, but he’s open to doing anything.
“I think I just have a lot of fun with these roles and connecting with my emotions,” he said, noting that his agent usually chooses a film and submits him for an audition.
While his favorite movie has been Tag, Braxton said the actor he has enjoyed meeting the most was Harry Treadaway in Mr. Mercedes.
“I play the young version of him in the film. He’s a really cool guy and I can’t imagine him being like that in real life. He’s incredibly nice and he is nothing like his character,” he shared. “He has amazing talent.”
As for Tag, in theaters now, Braxton said he enjoyed acting in a comedy and meeting the young cast.
“They are my friends today and we are very close,” he said. “I’ve never really experienced a comedy film before. It was very interesting to see how jokes play out.”
In any movie he has played a role in, Braxton said getting to see himself in the finished product on the big screen is extremely satisfying.
In the future, Braxton said he hopes to be able to continue to act.
“I just hope to be able to do what I love, tell stories and just have other great experiences like these for a long time,” he said.

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