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Love Hideaway

January 9, 2014

Nicholas Conley, a 2004 graduate of Glenn High School, decided to build a dating website,, after coming across a box full of research from his undergraduate years.

Conley explained that when he saw the research, he didn’t know what to do with it, and even pondered about whether he should throw it away.

“That’s when my wife pitched the idea of a dating website,” he said. “It started out as a joke at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew I could create something new and exciting.”

During his undergraduate years spent at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Conley explained that he had an overwhelming response from his friends about how frustrated they were with online dating.

“(Back then) I thought about doing a dating site because I wanted to make the dating scene fun again,” he said.

However, it took a few years of settled dust before he revisited the idea.

Conley, who is currently earning his Doctorate of Pharmacy at Wingate University, saw creating the dating site as a fun side project.

Fittingly, Conley noted that his undergraduate work was in psychology.

“I used dating websites while researching social networks for my psychology degree,” he said.

Although Conley has never used a dating site to find love, he did meet his wife, Meredith, through an online social networking website.

“Meredith is actually the inspiration behind the website,” he said. “I remember the experience as incredible and hope to put the same fun and excitement into my website.”

Conley said there are currently a little over 100 members on the site, which was released in November.

“As of now, there are over 100 members and over 15,000 website views. I’ve been partnering with local clubs in an attempt to have them test out the website,” he said. “I’m planning a national release later in 2014.”

The theme of the dating site is an island setting and is meant to remind those looking for love that dating should be fun.

“I want to remind users that dating is supposed to be fun,” he said. “The first thing you see is an island that suggests some type of adventure is about to take place. This is what the website is all about; it’s about the excitement of meeting someone new, without all the stress other websites bring.”

Conley said the site is completely free, but noted there is a payment option for those who seek additional options to interact with others.

When it comes to setting up a profile on a dating site, Conley’s suggestion is to be yourself.

“Upload a couple of pictures, write a couple of statements about who you are as a person, and just be honest,” he said. “I think the most important thing people want on a dating website is honesty.”

Conley said has two features that are unique.

“The first feature is called ‘levels,’ in which everyone starts off as a Tourist at level 1 when introduced to the island. The more active they are within the website (more pictures they upload, the more people they rank, etc.), the higher the level they become, as well as the more capabilities they obtain to interact with others,” he said. “This encourages people to be active on the website and increases the quality of active members within the island.”

The other feature is called “Desirability XP.”

“These are points the user gains by how other people interact with them. The more someone sends them a message or rates them a high ranking, the more Desirability XP they will receive,” he explained. “All of these are tracked and encourage users to interact with others in a positive way so they can increase their desirability.”

He added that users with a high level and a high desirability would more likely be a better match for a potential date.

With more and more people meeting online today, Conley said the reason online dating has become more popular is due to many people’s busy lifestyles.

“I think people often get stuck in the same routine everyday: wake up, go to work, come home; they do the same thing everyday. Unfortunately, this narrows someone’s social circle quite a bit and makes it difficult to meet someone new. A dating website is a great idea because it opens the door to a new social setting filled with new possibilities.”

For more information about the dating site, visit or send an email to

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